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December 8, 2016

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Manhunt under way after 1 Georgia cop killed, 1 seriously injured in shooting


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Iraqi troops retreat after Mosul hospital battle

Up to 1,750 ISIS jihadists have returned to Europe with orders to carry out attacks, EU report warns

British spy chief says Islamic State plotting attacks as Russia makes 'desert' of Syria

Tigris lioness: Iraqi militiawoman fights for revenge against Islamic State

WATCH: THE SHOCKING PROOF THAT MULTICULTURALISM HAS FAILED - "Cultural enrichment" in Germany brings crime, rape and terror

Pakistan mourns 47 killed in air crash, as investigators seek answers

Death toll from Indonesian earthquake rises to 102 as the desperate search for survivors continues - with thousands of homeless forced to sleep next to piles of rubble






Pearl Harbor ceremonies take place across the nation

Valerie Jarrett: Trump Victory Was ‘Soul-Crushing,’ ‘Punch to the Stomach’

$125 billion in Pentagon waste 'just tip of iceberg' - Defense Dept. 'has never passed a financial audit, so we know there's a lot more'

Trump Honors Pearl Harbor 'Heroes Who Selflessly Gave Their Lives'

Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda

Trump Taps Linda McMahon to Run Small Business Administration

California’s Sen. Barbara Boxer bids farewell to Congress after 33 years

Report: Tiffany Trump Takes Tour at Harvard Law



SANCTUARY CAMPUSES How the safety of students and faculty are compromised to achieve the leftist agenda

Chicago school board approves revised budget with $215 million hole

U.S. transgender people harassed in public restrooms: landmark survey

Search completed at Oakland warehouse in fire that killed 36

Arson: Deadly Tennessee Fires Lead to Charges for Two Juveniles

Body of woman found in San Diego Bay is identified as missing Navy wife and mother who vanished two years ago




US Steel Looks to Bring Back 10,000 Jobs Thanks to Trump Victory — Winning! Winning! Winning!

Sears top executives flee money-losing company amidst speculation that the onetime retail giant will file for bankruptcy

Wal-Mart to invest $1.3 billion in Mexico

Economist Peter Morici Slams 'Absurd' AT&T-Time Warner Deal


Entertainment & Media

Study: 77% of Trump Press Coverage Negative

Conservative Group Blasts 'Highlights' Kids Mag Over Plan to Feature Same-Sex Couples

CNN Smears GOP as Raging Racist Opposition in Obama Legacy Special



Phil Jackson: Marijuana Is Part of NBA Culture

Chapman rejoining Yanks on 5-year, $86M deal

There are now three Alabama QBs who have decided to transfer from the school

Man who shot New Orleans Saints star Will Smith dead 'stood over his body as he lay dying on the road and taunted him' after road rage spat, emotional witnesses reveal



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