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August 21, 2017

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You won't see this news in the mainstream (Fake News) media

President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a
Longer Period of Time Than Any President in History

Taiwan's Foxconn to build three ancillary facilities as part of Wisconsin LCD campus


President Trump Set to Address the Nation
Monday Evening on Afghanistan and South Asia

Mattis: Trump Adopts Afghan War Strategy

The Failed, Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American,
Delusional, Free Speech Hating, Racist, Twisted and Ignorant Democrat Party

Report: Probe into Imran Awan Checking Whether Sensitive
Govt. Info Sold to Foreign Intelligence

Democrat's Office Approved $120k Write-off Linked To Awan Brothers


Chief Obamacare Architect Sacked After Fraudulent Billing Investigation


Kindly Reminder: Barack Obama’s Family Owned Slaves

Missouri State DEMOCRAT Sen. Chappelle-Nadal Issues
Tearful Apologyto Trump and His Family After Wishing Him Dead

Boston Free Speech Rally Falsely Branded As ‘White Supremacist’

Alt-Left Mob Surrounds and Attacks Trump Supporter in Israeli Flag, Screams at him to “Get the F*ck Out!”

Pee-Filled Projectiles A Recurring Weapon Of Choice For 'Anti-Fascists' Howard Dean: If You Vote GOP in 2018, Then You Support a Racist in the White House
Angry Mobs Erasing American History Boston Antifa Thug Calls Black Cop: “Stupid A$$ Black Bitch!”




Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


N Korea warns of nuclear war over US drills

North Korea Warns Australia: U.S. Military Alliance a ‘Suicidal Act’

U.S.-Iran War of Words Escalates Over Missiles, Nuclear Deal

'Surrender or die': Iraqi PM issues stark warning to ISIS jihadis as forces launch new operation to retake the extremists' stronghold of Tal Afar

Spain terror imam had links to Madrid bomber

Manhunt for Barcelona suspect intensifies, 'everything indicates' he was driving van

Multiple Migrants Storming Canadian Border Found with Child Pornography

Flooding kills at least 700 across South Asia

Mum 'cut in half' by hospital lift after giving birth in Seville


Search underway for 10 missing US sailors after USS John S. McCain collision

Damaged USS John S. McCain Arrives in Singapore; 10 Missing

Source: McMaster Fails to Brief Trump Before ‘That’s Too Bad’ Error

Feds Spend $174,932 on ‘Implicit Bias’ Conference

Franklin Graham: ‘Politicians Should Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace’

Trump Nixes Obama Ban on Plastic Bottles at National Parks

Mike Huckabee to Trump: Make Democrats 'eat' the fact they erected many Confederate monuments

My fellow blacks, please: Stop wasting time on statues and solve today’s problems

PHOTOS: Melania Stuns In Yellow Sundress Boarding Air Force One


Black-on-white hostility 'on rise,' swept under rug - 'People have lost the ability to talk about this in a plain fashion'

DEMOCRAT Gov Terry McAuliffe Issues Executive Order That Violates First Amendment- Halting demonstrations at Lee Monument in Richmond

Female College Students Removed from Howard University for Wearing Trump Hats

Blonde women in Trump gear TRIGGER students at Howard University

Border Patrol Agents Rescue 60 Migrants from Refrigerated Trailer

Driver Jumps Rising New Jersey Drawbridge, Lands on the Other Side

Biology teacher, 45, at LA school packed with celebrity children accused of sex romp with 16-year-old student

VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Stabs Teen in Middle School Fight During First Week of Classes

Mother, Daughter Busted for Allegedly Running Unlicensed ‘Erotic Massage Parlor’

FBI reportedly accepts new evidence with possible link to DB Cooper



Oil prices fall after rally encourages profit-taking

Total boosts North Sea business with $7.5 billion Maersk Oil deal

China's Great Wall confirms interest in Fiat Chrysler

Sempra Energy beats out Buffett for Oncor in $9.45 billion deal

Amazon issues refunds for unverified eclipse glasses



Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

USA Today: Leftist Athletes Are Role Models, President Isn't

CNN Highlights Police Beating Video, Ignored Video of Officer Attacked

CNN’s Stelter: Should Journalists Start Questioning Trump’s Sanity?

CNN/Daily Beast's Matt Lewis: Trump Voters 'Asses,' Bunch of Idiots ...

President Hillary Brings World Peace in 'Dice' Alternate Reality

Actor Don Cheadle Thinks American Lapel Pin Is Secret Nazi Insignia

Jerry Lewis, comedy icon and philanthropist, dead at 91


Sources: Lakers subject of NBA tampering probe around George

Umps end protest of 'abusive player behavior'

Bartolo Colón becomes 18th pitcher to beat all 30 MLB teams

Boldin announces he's retiring: 'My life's purpose is bigger than football'




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