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February 20, 2018

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Illegal Immigrant Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old — and Her Mother…

More MAGA!

Smucker's Announces $1000 Employee Bonuses,
$20M Added to Employee Pensions

Los Angeles ICE operation results in 212 arrests, 122 notices of inspection

American Small Business Workers See Historic Wage Increases
Secured by Strict Immigration Enforcement

The Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American, Big Government, High Tax,
Anti-God, Delusional, Lawless, Free Speech Hating, Racist, Perverted and Ignorant Democrat Party

Limbaugh: 'Russia investigation' designed to protect 1 person (Obama)
No question that's 'one of the primary guiding aspects of the Mueller team'

Mueller reportedly crossing Trump ‘red line,’ investigating Kushner’s business dealings

Facebook exec claims Russia's disinformation campaign was to divide US, not meddle in election


The Results of Liberalism...
Diseased Streets
An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous concoction of drug needles, garbage, and feces lining the streets of downtown San Francisco

Calling Good, Evil and Evil, Good: How ‘Christian Liberals’
Twist the Words of Jesus to Wage War on the Second Amendment

The Arrogance of Liberalism...

Female university president who dressed up as an obese plumber with a prosthetic belly and rotting buck
teeth is put on leave from her $205,000-a-year-job for sparking outrage in her blue-collar community

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM? America's most exciting - and disturbing - new game show New York University professor calls out 'MAGA maggots who are feasting on the corpses of murdered schoolchildren' for verbally attacking survivors of the Florida high school shooting massacre
New Dem hot take: Russian election ‘meddling’ is
just like Pearl Harbor!
Dem Rep Speier: School Shooting Focus on Mental Illness ‘Fundamentally Ignorant’


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Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim ‘Slow-Motion Genocide’ of Christians Began 1400 Years Ago

Syrian government bombs Damascus suburb, killing 98, report says

South Korea to announce joint military drill plan with U.S. before April

Britain and U.S. in talks over captured British Islamic State fighters: UK minister

Chinese warships enter East Indian Ocean amid Maldives tensions

French Children Taught Migration Is a Human Right, ‘We’re All Africans’

In UK, Unborn Children Are Taboo, While Animal Protection Thrives

Former Netanyahu Spokesman Arrested in Graft Probe

Iran finds wreckage of crashed plane on top of mountain

South Africa's drought-stricken Cape Town pushes back 'Day Zero' to July 9

Frightening moment schoolchildren flee as colossal cloud of suffocating ash spews 5,000 metres into the air from Indonesian volcano

Singapore says won't cane suspected bank robber if deported from UK


FATAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION - FBI bureaucratic failures and willful blindness rack up a horrifying body count

Majority of Americans Now Support Trump Tax Cuts - Up 18% Since December

Trump supports improving federal background checks on gun owners

'We're gonna stay on it': Vice President Mike Pence says Trump is 'absolutely committed' to finding a way to build his border wall and fix DACA

Columbine survivor introduces bill to expand concealed-carry in schools

Trump endorses Romney in run for U.S. Senate seat in Utah

Supreme Court to decide whether mandatory union dues violate First Amendment rights

The judges who could replace swing-vote Anthony Kennedy - Eyes on Trump's list as rumors of retirement grow in Washington


Parents Lose Custody of Daughter for Opposing Transgender Medical Treatments

Scientists detect 200 quakes at Yellowstone supervolcano...

Minnesota police release dashcam footage of 100mph highway chase with fleet of supercars including two Lamborghinis, a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Maserati

Middle school substitute teacher is fired after video shows him body slamming a 12-year-old student in North Carolina in dispute over Valentine's Day chocolates

Texas teen accused of setting her dad up to be carjacked at gunpoint

Arkansas: Bodies of twin babies found in suitcase dumped in ditch: cops

Uber Eats driver (left), 36, surrenders after he 'shot and killed a customer (right), 30, while delivering his food from a Mexican restaurant'

Florida mass shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz makes second court appearance



Venezuela's oil-backed cryptocurrency more likely to be ruled 'illegitimate' than succeed, economist says

Teenage bitcoin millionaire shares secret to investing

Home Depot's quarterly profit rises 2 percent

Chicken shortage shuts KFC across Britain

Lucky Charms unveils new change to iconic cereal

Qualcomm to raise offer to buy NXP: WSJ

Albertsons will buy chunk of Rite Aid that isn't going to Walgreens: WSJ

Hypercar hits 0-60mph in UNDER two seconds...

Website tracks Musk's Tesla Roadster and dummy pilot's journey through space

Liberal Media Lies and Bias

Unhinged: One Year In, NYT Survey Ranks Trump as Worst Prez Ever

Flashback: CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally

CBS Suggests Better Background Checks Won’t Help, But Promotes Gun Ban

CNN Reporter Searches Russian Trash For Evidence Of Collusion

FNC’s Shep Smith: Trump Attacked Oprah But Not Putin — Has ‘Not Once’ Condemned Russia’s Election Meddling

ABC, CBS Smear Ingraham as ‘Racist,’ Praise Profane Lebron

Sports Writer Thinks Norway’s Success at Winter Olympics is Due to Its Nationalized Healthcare, Friendliness

SICK! Jim Carrey Tweets to Teen Survivor Graphic Cartoon of School Massacre With Anti-Trump Message

Fergie issues apology for botched NBA All-Star Game national anthem


Ashford: The ‘Christian Shaming’ of Mike Pence, Tim Tebow, and Tony Dungy Must Stop

Nearing Release, Ex-Carolina Panther Rae Carruth Issues Apology for Orchestrating Girlfriend’s Murder

Ex-NFL player who planned pregnant girlfriend's murder wants custody of son

Sources: J.D. Martinez agrees to deal with Red Sox for 5 years, about $110M

Jeremy Lin pens support for JJ Redick in racial slur controversy

Will the Jets be Kirk Cousins' landing spot? It appears they're willing to pay

Report: Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield won't attend NFL draft




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