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September 30, 2016

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Russia sends more warplanes to Syria amid world anger at 'barbarous' strikes

'India may deploy nuclear-capable Rafale jets on China, Pakistan borders'

Pakistan 'completely rejects' Indian claim of cross-border strikes

Five soldiers killed, 10 wounded in ambush in northern Mexico

MEXICO IS WORRIED ABOUT AN INFLUX OF AFRICAN AND ASIAN IMMIGRANTS Alex Pfeiffer | Daily Caller - September 30, 2016 - 3 Comments “Many of them will have to return to their home countries.”

Duterte: Like Hitler, I'd Be 'Happy to Slaughter' 3M Drug Addicts

Iranian Man Allegedly Kills Wife in Australia After She Converts to Christianity

Man suspected of killing parents, then 17 neighbors in China

SEX ROBOT CAFE AIMS TO OFFER LONDONERS FELLATIO WITH THEIR MORNING COFFEE - Hungry patrons will have to pay extra for a pastry


Comey: ‘I Don’t Remember’ Why FBI Let Hillary Aide Lie

GENDER-NEUTRAL U.S. NAVY YANKS JOB TITLES Historic 'airman,' 'fireman,' others shelved


Protests over police shooting near San Diego turn violent...

Alabama Justice Removed From Bench for Defying Feds on Gay Marriage

Hurricane Matthew Is Now Something for US to Worry About

Black Killed by El Cajon Cops Was Supposed to Be Deported - Twice

Self-driving cars let loose in California: Groundbreaking bill lets vehicles travel without a human driver inside

Lyft driver 'dragged a woman into a derelict house and raped her after picking her up from a bar' - and police fear he could have more victims

Tulsa officer pleads not guilty to manslaughter in shooting death

14-Year-Old Boy Charged in Father's Killing, School Shooting






Atlanta Fed trims U.S. third-quarter growth forecast to 2.4 percent

Google takes aim at Uber with Waze 'carpool' app that lets commuters give each other rides

China's Richest Man Buying Hollywood -- One Piece At A Time...

Wave goodbye to $749! Man THROWS his iPhone 7 Plus off the world's tallest building - but will it survive?





Entertainment & Media

USA Today: Trump 'unfit for presidency'

NBC Donated $5.6 Million To Democratic Party, Provided First Debate’s Moderator

Megyn Kelly renews hostilities with Trump: Fox anchor gets into fierce debate with Trump's campaign chief who tries to defend nominee's treatment of women by saying he made the comments '25 years ago'

Judge orders Justin Bieber to sit for deposition or face arrest, court




NBA's Joakim Noah Refuses to Eat With West Point Cadets

Source: Browns plan to cut ties with Gordon

United States off to perfect start in Ryder Cup

World champ Fury tests positive for cocaine




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