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July 27, 2017

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WINNING: Trump Announces Ban on Transgender in Military
TRUMP: After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised
that the United States Government will not accept or allow.... Our military must be focused
on decisive and overwhelming... victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous
medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you

Obama's 'social engineering' in U.S. military denounced - 'All of these are situations where effectiveness was not the primary objective'

Former Transgender: Trump 'Made Right Decision,' 'Military Is a Fighting Force, Not a Gender Clinic'

Study: Trump’s Trans Ban in the Military Will Save Taxpayers Up to $8.4 Million Annually

Celebrities Melt Down over Trump’s Transgender Military Policy: ‘You Just Pissed Off the Wrong Community’

Foxconn announces $10 billion investment in Wisconsin and up to 13,000 jobs

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump: Thank you Foxconn, for investing $10 BILLION DOLLARS
with the potential for up to 13K new jobs in Wisconsin! MadeInTheUSA

Port Cameron to bring thousands of jobs to SWLA, generate millions for state

Why record U.S. oil exports are poised for even more growth

Trump donating second-quarter salary to education

Don't Mess with President Trump!

ICE chief considers smuggling charges against leaders of illegal immigrant ‘sanctuaries’


Finally - it may be happening.... justice!

House Judiciary Committee Officially Approves Effort to Launch Investigation of Comey, Lynch

GOP Reps Prepare Resolution to Demand Special Counsel to Investigate Comey, Lynch, Hillary Crimes

The Failed, Criminal, Evil, Lying, Violent, Corrupt, Hypocritical, Anti-American,
Twisted, Mentally Challenged and Ignorant Democrat Party

Dems Try The Islamophobe Card In Defense of
Wasserman Schultz’s Arrested IT Guy

DC Detective of Seth Rich Murder: Follow the Awan Arrest Closely –
Connect the Dots to “Other” Cases

IT BEGINS: Calls Grow For Debbie Wasserman Schultzto Testify Before Congress on IT Staffer Imran Awan

Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT Staffer Imran Awan Turns To Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help



Russia probe: Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS

COLLUSION: Data Firm Backed By Google’s Eric Schmidt Paid Millions By Democratic Committees
Schmidt was previously found to be working directly with Hillary Clinton's campaign

Obama’s seditious Ex-CIA director John Brennan proves once again he’s a traitor

FBI indicts 2 Pa. Dem mayors in pay-to-play probe




Commentary from the Editor
Thomas George

(Commentary Archive)

Predictions from the Editor


ISIS is rapidly losing control of Raqqa, its headquarters in Syria

Eyeing Deir al-Zor, Syrian army advances on Islamic State town

Village council in Pakistan are arrested after ordering the revenge rape of a teenager because her brother had raped a 12-year-old in a field two days earlier

New Arabic Swimming Pool Signs in Austria Warn Guests Not to Molest Bikini-Clad Girls

Sweden Inroduces Gender-Neutral Kindergartens

Report: Venezuela Spends Millions on D.C. Lobbyists While Citizens Starve

JUDGE RULES AGAINST CHARLIE GARD'S PARENTS ... AGAIN Refuses to allow them to take terminal infant home

Boom! Powerful Cosmic Explosion May Hint at How Black Holes Form



Trump: Iran May be Declared Non-Compliant With Nuclear Deal Next Time

White House leakers are senior people, says Scaramucci

These Seven Republicans Just Voted Against Repealing Obamacare

BOOM! Sarah Huckabee Sanders Threatens to End Briefing After Press Pool Obsesses Over Military Trans Ban

Trump to nominate Kansas Governor Brownback as religious freedom ambassador

Kid Rock to Register Voters at Shows...

'Dems shattin their pantaloons'...



DEMOCRAT POLICIES: Drone Footage Shows Sad and SHOCKING Decay of Baltimore (VIDEO)

Conservative vs. Liberal:
Texas Booms (+3.9%) as California Flatlines (0.1%); Mining, Manufacturing Drive Growth

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Travels to D.C. to Plead for Federal Funding for Failing Transit System

Democrat Running for Minneapolis Mayor – Raymond Dehn – Proposes ‘Disarming’ Police of Firearms

Illegal Alien RAPES & ROBS Women in Portland, Had 20 Deportations, Removals

One dead, seven injured after ride malfunction at Ohio State Fair (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Naked bank robbery suspect arrested in Fort Lauderdale

Michael Brown’s Parents BRAWL at Dedication of Ferguson Empowerment Center — Police Forced to Step In



Europe's oil giants recover from three-year slump

Facebook profit, revenue smash estimates as mobile ad sales soar

Shell profits triples on stronger refining, oil prices

Comcast results top estimates on film, theme parks growth

AstraZeneca shares plunge 15% as lung cancer study fails

U.S. indicts suspected Russian 'mastermind' of $4 billion bitcoin laundering scheme



Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

Rolling Stone cover asks why can't Canada PM be US president

1st AP Story on Arrested Dem IT Staffer Makes Schultz Look Like Victim

ABC, NBC Still Assisting DWS in Awan Black Out as CBS Arrives on Scene

CNN Grills Republican, Lobs Softballs to Dem Immediately After

This Is CNN: Wolf Attacks GOP Rep Over Transgender Ban

Matthews Mocks Southerners Backing Sessions With a Hint of 'Dixie'

Michael Moore: ‘I Refuse to Live in a Country Where Donald Trump Is President, and I'm Not Leaving’



USMNT lifts Gold Cup after late victory over Jamaica

Cavs brass: Kyrie trade chatter a 'fluid situation'

Phils send Neshek to Rockies for 3 prospects

Tim Tebow’s no circus act: He’s a real Mets prospect

Chargers pick up QB Cardale Jones, send conditional pick to Bills

Jets claim Whitehead off waivers from Cowboys






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