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March 29, 2017

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That really IS a high rise: Sci-fi plan to hang a wandering skyscraper
from asteroid orbiting Earth is unveiled

Trump: Reversing the Disaster of Community Organizer Obama
Trump tears up Obama's climate change record

Trump on Rolling Back Obama Energy Regulations: Ending the 'War on Coal'

Navajos Celebrate End of Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Policies:
Trump Offers ‘Unwavering Support’ for Coal


Islamic State is 'broke' and struggling to pay its fighters IS used to make up to £4m a day -
but a former Iraqi minister says the terror group is now losing money and on the retreat

Democrat: The party of failure, corruption, lying, disaster and treason against America

Sanctuary Cities Choose Criminals Over Citizens
City governments vow to protect even violent predators in defiance of Trump administration

Obama’s Former Asst. Defense Secretary ADMITS ON MSNBC
Obama Admin Spied on Trump

Inside the Obama-Clinton uranium deal
Hillary OK'd sale as cash flowed to foundation, Bill's pockets

Provided $76 million for immigrant issues over last decade alone

Mass. State Rep Caught Red-Handed Tipping Off Illegal Immigrants
To ICE Raids

Hillary Clinton in San Francisco: ‘Resist’ Donald Trump’s ‘Carnage’

Michael Moore: Trump's Rollback Begins 'Extinction of Human Life'

Pro-Life Activists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Butchers Selling
Baby Parts Charged With 15 Felonies



Historic moment for Britain as Article 50 letter is FINALLY delivered to the EU headquarters - signalling the beginning of the end of the UK's 44 long years in the Brussels club

Iraqi forces battle toward landmark Mosul mosque

Bus bombing kills five in Syria's Homs: SANA

SICK ISIS MILITANTS MADE FEMALE PRISONERS TORTURE EACH OTHER FOR NOT WEARING A VEIL- A PRISONER has revealed she was forced to beat and whip other women “who were not wearing gloves or socks or the veil” by the Islamic State terror group

UN Censures Italy for High Number of Doctors Who Won’t Perform Abortions

Quadriplegic man's arm and hand brought back to life by thought-control tech


GOP Protects Trump’s Tax-Return Privacy: ‘No Single Individual Has Ever Been Targeted in Such a Manner’

Spicer: ‘If the President Puts Russian Salad Dressing on His Salad Tonight, Somehow That’s a Russian Connection’

NRA Launches TV Ads Pressing Vulnerable Dems to Back Gorsuch

White House Staff to Boycott Correspondents Dinner in ‘Solidarity’ With President Trump

LEFTISTS FLICK OFF MEMORIAL DEDICATED TO VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM - Most of the responses mocked the idea that there should be a memorial for the many innocent people who died as a result of communist policies and repression

NASA Unveils Deep Space Gateway to Aid Space Travel




Georgetown hosts known Islamic Jihad terror financier - Lecture to challenge students how to 'make a better, more peaceful world'

Rockville Rape Defense: 14-Year-Old Girl Sent Explicit Pictures,
Texted About Sex

Water District to San Jose’s Anti-Trump Mayor: You Failed

Jerry Brown Calls for ‘Countermovement’ Against Trump on Climate Change

Three storm chasers killed in West Texas car crash

Oklahoma home invasion shooting: Suspected getaway driver arrested




More Big Brands Pull Ads from YouTube in Widening Boycott

EU vetos Deutsche Boerse-London Stock Exchange merger deal

After crippling cost overruns, Toshiba's Westinghouse files for bankruptcy

TESLA 'autopilot' car hits police motorcycle...




Media Bias & Entertainment

Chris Matthews compares Ivanka, Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein's sons

Nets Decry Trump ‘Obliterating’ Obama’s ‘Legacy’ With Clean Power Plan

CNN, MSNBC Freak Over Trump ‘Destroying’ Obama’s ‘Signature’ Policy

Daily Show: Fox News Sounds Just Like 'North Korea Propaganda'



Nats: Trump declines invite to throw first pitch

Wizards clinch first division title since 1979

James Harden becomes first player in NBA history to surpass impressive milestone

Lonzo Ball: 'I'm better' than Washington's Fultz

Lionel Messi suspended 4 matches for insulting ref as Argentina's World Cup hopes hang in balance



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