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Thomas George

Breakdown of Republican Candidates for 2016
The Stupidity of Liberals and the Protesters of Ferguson and why that Mindset will Foster more Crime!
Christians Do Not Hate Gays
The Bible says homosexuality is a sin and Christians want to save them. If you saw a man in the middle of the road in the path of a truck - would you not warn him? That is not hate - it is love!
What if Benghazi happened in Boston? Take the events of Benghazi and apply them to Boston Marathon bombings
Obama's War on America
Obama's Vision (Socialism) Will Result in the Destruction of America
What was Obama Doing for 7 Hours During the Benghazi Attacks?
America is Engaged in a Social Civil War! How to save America from Obama...
You Have to be a Dumb Fool to Reelect Obama
Obama is the Opposite of Christ
The Failure of Obama's Economic Policy - Conservatives Warned You!
Why there are more Liberals than Conservatives
Why Obama's economic stimulus plan has turned the economic crises into a catastrophe
Financial Disaster is Coming to America- Why Barack Obama's plan will not work
Why Barack Obama's plan will prolong the recession
What caused the Financial Crises in America- It was not Capitalism
The Mortgage Crises - The Solution
Proof Democrats are not Patriotic with a History Lesson...
57 States and a Pig in Lipstick... the end of America as we know it if Barack Obama is elected president

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