What was Obama Doing During
the Benghazi Attacks?

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What was Obama Doing During the Benghazi Attacks?
There is something that no one is asking regarding the controversy and cover up of the attacks on 9-11 in Benghazi and that is what was Obama doing over the 7 hour period?

The White House refuses to release a picture of their situation room on 9/11/12. Why? They released a picture for the Bin Laden raid and to show them working on Hurricane Sandy.

So what was Obama doing during the Benghazi attacks when four Americans were killed? This is a legitimate question! Did Obama even pay attention to the attack? Was Obama unreachable? Who rejected the calls for help by those in Benghazi under attack?

Let me raise some politically incorrect answers for the changing White House stories and stonewalling by administration that promised to be the most transparent ever.

1. Was Obama too busy preparing for his campaign event the next morning and preparing for coming fundraisers that he did not devote attention to the attacks.

2. Did Obama go to sleep during the attacks?

3. Was Obama watching a movie, playing basketball or having a party? Obama is inclined to enjoy himself. He has parties on Wednesday nights in the White House, he plays a lot of golf and basketball, he takes a lot of vacations and his work days are short as president.

4. Did Obama just not care that Americans were under attack and calling for help?

5. Was Obama busy having an affair and not reachable during the attacks? General Patraeus was having an affair. Bill Clinton had an affair in the White House along with John Kennedy....

6. Have you seen Obama's eyes lately? During and after the debates his eyes are looking a bit odd (not clear) and he is extremely skinny. Obama admitted using cocaine in his youth. Is Obama back to doing illegal drugs pr even prescription drugs?

Since the White House will not answer - they must be hiding something and that causes speculation. What was Obama doing on 9/11 during the attacks in Benghazi that killed 4 Americans that were requesting help? This is a question that needs to be answered!

Written by Thomas George

November 23, 2012