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Predictions by

Thomas George
Editor of the Manumitter

October 2017
Future headline - Will Trump Pardon Hillary?
Hillary's book tour to raise money for revenue lost from foundation and future legal fees
There is much more to be found on Comey's collusion with Hillary for not going after her crimes

Mueller, Comey, Lynch Obama, Hillary, Bill, Podesta all guilty. And more.... Obama will get off.
Trump will deal with North Korea by using military action - behind scenes he is planting seeds of insurrection in people
Secretly Democrats across the country are liking Trump
Kushner is trouble for Trump - he is not a Trump - comes from Democrat corrupt family.
LBJ is connected to JFK assassination

August 2017
Republicans will board the Trump Train with time- because his policies will work and he becomes popular
Trump is going to go after Dems who committed crimes including Comey
H.R. McMaster is a cross between H. R. Haldeman and G. Gordon Liddy - not a loyal to Trump
Trump made mistakes when he first became president- allowed some in Administration he should not have.
Trump will gain his bearings as president
Trump will be known as strongest leader in the world
Trump will be feared by the world

July 2017
*The Establishment trying to take down Trump because the majority (especially Democrats) all guilty of crimes. They are afraid (Trump not like Obama) - he will go after them.
*Trump will have Democrats turn on each other after arrests are made
This editor made a prediction that Obama was going to find a way to not give up presidency- it's called "Deep State"
Trump beat a strong Republican field and Clinton - arrogant media doesn't believe Trump can beat them- they're wrong!
The anti-Trump media will slowly destroy itself as Trump transforms America
Trump staff problems due to fact- he works very hard and expects that from others. Not lazy like Obama.
Trump Justice Dept. will go after Comey, Lynch and Hillary
Corruption very deep in Dem Party - they knew Obama would not target them & thought Hillary would be next Pres
Trump wants to make the most of his presidency - unlike Obama who was lazy and wanted to be a celebrity
Trump Dynasty: Eric will run for senator, Donald Jr. will run for governor, Ivanka will run for president
Hillary is not running for President again - she keeps the rumor to encourage donations to her corrupt foundation
George Clooney will enter politics- (he married his wife as a Jackie O. type) he believes he is a modern day JFK

February 2017
Reince Priebus will be Judas to Trump
Media going to do everything they can to destroy Tump even make up stories

Obama will work behind the scenes against Trump. He wants to destroy America

May 2016
Hurricanes will return to Florida in 2016
Hillary Clinton's crimes are far worse than currently known

Obama is looking for ways to impact the 2016 election from behind the scenes
Obama is weakening America on purpose
Obama is leading a Muslim invasion of America (I said a long time ago he is the George Washington for Muslims)

Obama is negligent in his duties as president and purposefully weakening America

December 2015
What Obama is doing to America behind the scenes is treasonous to America.
Obama will attempt to stay in office at the end of his second term
Obama is going to go after the Republican front runner using the federal government
Trump should be wary of an assassination attempt

Republicans are afraid of Obama
Obama's plunder of America is far worse than what is known currently
Muslims are invading America behind the scenes with the help from Obama
The Late Show with Colbert is all wrong. He is too hyper. It is late night - people want a more relaxed presentation.

August 2015
-What Obama is working on now dwarfs all his scandals over the last 7 years.
-Obama is looking at ways to remain in office
-Obama would rather be president of a country in collapse then not be president of a country that is flourishing
- Obama is targeting Hillary Clinton
-Obama and the Clintons are at war
-Hillary is threatening to bring Obama down and Obama threatening Hillary with prison

-Obama is threatening numerous Congressman that oppose him with destruction
- The Clintons are dirty and filled with corruption and the extent is so bad that the truth will never be revealed

-There is life in our solar system outside of the earth
-Caitlyn Jenner story will not end well

March 2015
-Obama's entire presidency is a lie except one - to fundamentally transform America
-Obama secretly talks to Iran and guarantees the US will not initiate military action
-Obama's illegalities are getting worse and the worst is yet to come
-The worst consequences of Obama's illegalities is yet to come
-Obama wants instability in America
-Obama is a Benedict Arnold and will be hailed as a hero of the Left when his presidency is over

-Obama wants open borders so immigrants vote Democrat, but...
-One of Obama's goals is to expand the Muslim population in America

-Obama is allowing ISIS to grow and spread in the Mideast
-Obama's actions will lead to a major war
-When a Republican becomes president - Democrats will work to impeach on trumped up small issues

December 2014
-Obama's enemies list is growing - the Russians, the US Military, US police, conservatives, Cubans, many African Americans and even Democrats
-Obama is the most law breaking administration by far in US hiustory
-Recordings of Obama will eventually come out proving he is Anti-American
and the recordings will question his faith
-Joe Biden is not pleased with Obama's handling of the defense of America - he will be a Deep Throat
-Obama using the NSA is blackmailing members of the Republican Party including John Boehner See July 2014 and June 2013 Predictions

-Obama will release info on John Boehner after blackmailing him when he knows it is too late for him to get impeached
-Another Bush will become governor of Texas
-There will be numerous attacks by ISIS in the US

October 2014
-There is a 90 percent chance Obama will not finish his second term
-Look for Deep Throats in the Obama Administration
-Joe Biden will be the one to bring down Obama
-ISIS is in America and plotting major attacks
-There will be an Ebola epidemic in parts of America


September 2014
-Everything conservatives have said about Obama will be proven one day to be true - including being born in Kenya
-Obama is a Benedict Arnold as president
-Obama is a Muslim sympathizer
-ISIS is here in America
-There will be an attack on America
-Obama spied on Americans, attacked conservatives and Christians and ignored Muslim threats
-Obama downplayed Muslim threats
-Obama ignored the ISIS threat
-A person within the administration will turn on Obama and his handling of the defense of the country
-Famous people in America will be targeted by ISIS

July 2014
-Biden is disgusted with the way Obama is handling the country
-Biden may become a modern day deep throat
-Obama will take sides against Israel
-Obama's lawlessness is going to get even more extreme
-Obama behind the scenes is intimidating members of Congress by exposing them

-Obama is behind everything that is happening with the border crises
-Obama's criminality is beyond what anyone knows
-Obama is using more drugs and having more affairs
-The mess Obama leaves when he is done will be 10 times worse than when he came into office
-Obama is communicating with Lois Lerner in reference to the scandal
-Lois Lerner is guilty - she targeted groups based on their affiliation

February 2014
-If Republicans take the Senate and Obama is impeached - he will not step down as president
-Obama is misusing funds for his own political gain
-The Obama Administration: High crimes and misdemeanors, abuse of power, lies, money laundering, corruption, targeting, persecution, lawlessness, drugs, adultery, cover-ups and failure
-Obama is using the NSA to spy on his opponents in Congress
-There will be a stock market crash in Obama's second term and that will remove the only good thing liberals commend Obama for
-Iran will go nuclear
-There will be a major war
-Look for America to get invaded by a foreign country
-Chris Christie is being railroaded


January 2014
-Disaster for America and the world!
-New devastating scandals will plague Obama
-Previous Prediction: Obama is having multiple affairs - one in the White House and another with a Hollywood celebrity
-Previous Prediction: The night of the Benghazi attack - Obama was engaged in poor personal behavior

-The media will blame Republicans and the pressure from their attacks on Obama as the reason for his affairs
-Obama is also doing illegal drugs in the White House
-Obama will continue to show little interest in governing as president and care more about the perks of the office
-Obama will continue to not work hard, play golf, be embroiled in scandals, show little world leadership and lead by executive order for his socialist agenda
-Some media will finally turn on Obama
-The results of Obama's first term agenda will begin to hit America and it will bring decline
-America and the world will decline
-The world will become more dangerous
-Democrat NY Mayor de Blasio like Obama is having extra marital affairs
-Chirlane McCray is a want to be Hillary Clinton

December 2013
-Enrollments in Obamacare is going to be different from those who actually pay
-Hundreds of thousands of people will not be able to make their Obamacare payments and will lose insurance
-Obama's drug use will increase drastically with time during his second term
-The media is hiding Obama's marital affairs and drug use
-Obama knows that destructive personal information is going to come out about him - it is the reason he barely works
-The pressure of failed policies and information about his personal failures as president is increasing his drug use
-Obama behind the scenes is investigating Republican members of Congress and holding it against them
-Obama's policies are stopping the economy from recovering (Correct)
-Obama's administration will come apart at the seems

-Blake Bortels will have a career in broadcasting after football

November 2013
-Major crises will hit the US due to Obama between year 2 and 3 of his second term (Correct)
-Look for a major war to breakout in Obama's second term (Correct)
-Obama's is still going after his enemies and as his policies fail - he will increase the pressure on them
-The cover ups and law breaking of the Obama administration is far beyond anything anyone suspects (Correct)
-Obama will become more militant and belligerent as his second term progresses
-Michelle Obama will become more militant and belligerent as his second term progresses

-Obama does not care about his popularity. He believes his agenda is the right thing - even though it is destructive.
-McAuliffe's term as governor will be a disaster and filled with scandal

-De Blasio's term as mayor will be a disaster for NY
-AJ McCarron will enter politics one day

September 2013
-The intelligence Obama is claiming to strike Syria is false and he knows it is false he is placating them
-The second term of Obama will be a disaster

June 2013
- Obama's criminality is deep, much deeper than is currently known
- IRS targeting of conservatives runs from Obama to union leaders to the IRS
- Obama is going to go investigate and smear the personal lives of members of Congress that are investigating him
- Obama is having an affair with someone in the White House and also with a Hollywood actress
- Part of the Associated Press scandal has to do with intimidation and that includes keeping Obama's affairs secret

-There is a massive cover up going on within the Obama administration regarding multiple scandals
-Obama is betting that Republicans would never impeach him
-There are still massive wrong doing by the Obama Administration that has not been uncovered
-Obama is still going to attack his enemies, if he survives he will really go after his enemies
-The longer Obama survives - the more he will abuse his power
-The Obama administration is the most corrupt of all time and it started early in his administration
-Eric Holder and Obama are joined in the scandals

March 2013
-Obama's second term vacations will dwarf his first (Correct)
-There will be a large market correction in Obama's second term
-Crises will strike Obama presidency in the middle of the second term
-It will take 100 years for America to recover from Obama's presidency
-Everything in Obama's world is a lie - including his relationship with his wife
-There is a massive cover-up by Obama over Benghazi to protect his behavior
-American gains in Iraq and Afg
hanistan will be undone in Obama's second term (Correct)
-The debt will grow, the military will decline and the economy stagnant in Obama's second term
-Obama does not care about the greatness and prosperity of America - he cares about wealth distribution
-The indiscretions, criminal behavior and cover-ups under Obama makes Nixon look like a child who ate a cookie in a grocery store (Correct)
-The American economy wants to turn around and grow rapidly - but Obamacare - increases in taxes, increases in energy prices and inflation are restraining it
-Michelle Obama will gain more weight during Obama's second term

January 2013
-When Obama falls it will be a very big fall
-Pride will cause the eventual downfall of Obama
-Greater economic despair in America under Obama
-Compared to Lance Armstrong, John Edwards and Barry Bonds - Obama the greatest phony by far
-Obama's second term will be a focus on redistributing wealth to the poor
-There will be even more scandals and criminal behavior in the Obama Administration
-Look for Obama to continue redistribution to America's poor and to the world's poor
-Obama will be known as the George Washington of Socialism in America
-America will not turn back from socialism

December 2012
-America will grow more divided under Obama (Correct)
-There will be an invasion into America by a foreign country
-During the Benghazi attacks, Obama was engaged in selfish interests
-Obama is falling victim to his illegal and immoral personal vices
-Obama will continue to rule like a lazy king in his second term (Correct)
-The world is going to fall further into chaos while Obama is president (Correct)
-The debt under Obama will be close to 25 trillion dollars when all is done
-There is a good chance Obama will not finish his second term

-Muslim extremists will gain more power in the world with Obama as president (Correct)
-The 4 questions related to Benghazi are: Why was nothing done to protect the ambassador leading up to 9-11? Why was no action taken when the CIA Annex called for help? What was Obama doing at the White House at the time of the attack? The cover up of the truth? Obama failed on all of them. (Correct)

November 2012
-America will continue to decline
under Obama
-Obama's deficits will be greater per year than his first term
-Obama will be even lazier in his second term (Correct)
-There will be even more scandals in Obama's second term (Correct)
-Obama second term liberal agenda will be like his first term on steroids
-Obama's first term - her turned America into a ghetto - his second term will be worse
-America will descend into more chaos, strife and poverty
-The world will descend into massive chaos because of Obama's weak leadership (Correct)
- Obama will use more executive orders to accomplish his agenda
-Look for an attempt on Obama's life by a person in the US military

-Obama will leave office a failure and disgrace

June 2012
- Obama claims he inherited a mess from President Bush. The next president will inherit a true mess from Obama. (Correct)
- Obama's cover ups, crimes and power grabs as president are unprecedented. It is far more than we currently know. (Correct)
- Obama was not born in Hawaii. He was born in Kenya and one day the truth will be known.

- Just as we plant life here on earth and migrate to foreign lands. One day we will do that in the universe. Seed life and migrate.
- There are too many galaxies and stars that currently exist to have occurred naturally in the time span of the life of the universe.
- One day we will also learn that we will be able to create our own solar systems in our galaxy by creating
the conditions in space for a sun and planets to form.

May 2012
-If Obama is re-elected the damage he will do will go far beyond that if his first term. (Correct)
-The Obama malaise is far worse than the Carter Malaise. (Correct)
-Terrorists are at work plotting against America.
-Obama will lie, distort his record, create crises and attack his opponent. This will be Obama's strategy. (Correct)
-The only way Obama can get re-elected is by fraud.
-Before Obama leaves office he will do things that no other president has ever done. (Correct)
-Obama will not show the courtesy that Bush showed him when he leaves office. But Michelle Obama will show courtesy to the next first lady.

June - July 2011
-Obama's plan is not to save America in order to get reelected - it is to destroy his opponent. (Correct)
-Obama through executive order will continue his agenda

April - May 2011
-Obama is puposefully trying to destoy America. (Correct)
ama is making America subservient to China. (Correct)
-Obama is trying to destroy the wealth of America. (Correct)
-The worst is yet to come for the American economy. (Correct)
-Obama's only plan is to win the election is by trickery not by policy. (Correct)

February - March 2011
-Jay Carney sold his soul to the devil.
policies will continue to be a disaster.(Correct)
-Obama military action in Libya will be chaos
-Obama is going to try buy and steal the next election.
-Obama cares more about his re-election than he does about America.
-The riots and chaos in Middle East governments is not being handled properly by Obama and extremists will rise to power more than moderates.

January 2011
-Obama will have done the most to destroy America than all the other worst presidents combined (Correct)
-Obama is the beginning of the turn of America from a beacon of freedom and prosperity into a ghetto... (Correct)
-Much of the devastation caused by Obama's policies will occur after he leaves office: inflation, weak military, attacks on U.S.
-There is something liberals miss with the nanny state (government taking care of people). With no focus on ambition people with their time turn to immorality. Crime, laziness and sexual deviance.
And this is what will happen to America. (Correct)
-President Bush with his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did plant the seed for freedom for the world.
-President Bush knew what his people were doing. Obama does not have control over his administration.

-Clinton's people protected him when he left office. This will not be true for Obama - they will talk.

-Going faster than the speed of light will not result in going back in time.

December 2010
-Obama is the most dangerous man in the world for weakening the defender of freedom which is America. (Correct)
-Obama will be assassinated after he leaves office.
-Gas prices rising will cause the economy to remain poor (Correct)
-The devastation Obama has done to America will last for 50 years
-What Obama is doing with TSA searches is to make it look like he is doing something to stop terrorism. However - it is actually - hurting America because it is deflecting resources. It is done on purpose.

November 2010
-Jesus fulfilled the scriptures.
-There is life after death.
-Altering Time is the greatest search.
-The greatest creation is not creating individual life, but creating a universe.
-Create life, seed life, create a solar system, create a galaxy, create a universe.
-If you were to seed life in a planet as an experiment - would not Earth be a model. Different races on different continents, the climate, the horticulture
-Creating life does not mean there is not a God.

-Going faster than the speed of light - will not send you back in time - but will slow it to almost to a complete stop. (Correct)
-Amazing secrets of the universe are soon to be unlocked - within the next 50 years.
-A new kind of energy will dramatically change this world more than anything else.

October 2010
-Rising prices will stop the economic recovery (Correct)
-America is headed for Bankruptcy and it is not due to capitalism. (Correct)
-Obama is the exact opposite of Jesus Christ. (Correct)
-Obama is purposefully trying to destroy the rich. (Correct)
-One of Obama's children will become politically active.
-Michelle Obama likes the privileges of First Lady - but her role and the things she does she believes is beneath her.

August/ September 2010
-Obama - the devastation from his policies will last for decades.
-Obama will target conservative opposition - while street lawlessness goes unchecked. (Correct)
-Obama's policies will lead to more chaos in America (Correct)
-The Eliot Spitzer show on CNN will be a disaster.


June / July 2010
-Obama is the Devil
-Joe Biden is not the devil - but he went along for the ride for his own gain.
-Obama's attempted destruction of America and the perversion of Christianity is not over. (Correct)
-Obama is making a disaster out of everything. (Correct)
-Obama does not care about the poor. (Correct)
-Obama only cares about bringing down the rich. (Correct)
-Obama's administration will fall further into chaos in the next few years. (Correct)
-Obama is not watchful of the defense of America. (Correct)
-The amount of vacations Obama takes reflects his interest in himself and not the country. (Correct)
-After Obama leaves office it will then be known how chaotic his administration was.
-Obama in history will be revered by the left - remembered as the George Washington of socialism in America.

May 2010
-Iran will attack Israel during the Obama Administration.
-Obama administration behind the scenes is secretly communicating that it would not retaliate against Iran if Iran attacked Israel.
-Obama in the tradition of Democrats is attacking America- (Industries, Business, Wealthy) and not attacking terrorists. As a result- terrorists are gaining a foothold here in America.
- After Obama leaves office - the economy will recover. Liberals will say it was his policies and that they took time to implement. It is untruth. Obama's policies caused the the lack of recovery.
-Obama will undue much of what was accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Correct)
-The economy is not going to rebound- but remain flat. (Correct)
-Obama truly believes that what he is doing is good for America. (Correct)
-David Cameron will go down in UK history as a great Prime Minister- even with liberal press and Gordon Brown will go down as a failure.


March - April 2010
- Obama does not care about bipartisanship- only about advancing his agenda. (Correct)
- Obama is the most dangerous man in the world - because he is weakening America. (Correct)
- Obama believes what he is doing is good for America- but it is destroying America (Correct)
- The courts will overturn Obama health care
- Obama wil
l not go down in history (when 200 years have passed) as a great president
- Jimmy Clausen will be a NFL bust


January - February 2010
- It will be worse for Democrats in the 2010 Congressional election than they know. (Correct)
- People one day will live hundreds of years.
- The secret to long life - stopping cancer, artificial hearts and the brain.
- There will one day be created an oil for joints that lubricates like a car.
- It will be proven one day that what liberals are doing to stop global warming - is only increasing global warming.

- Obama's failures will be blamed on Republicans and on his advisors. (Correct)
- Obama destroys all that he touches- his policies are not meant to make things better. (Correct)
- Obama will one day be unmasked - that he was all an image that was untrue. However- those that love him - minorities and the liberal media will not see it that way. (Correct)
- The economy is going to get much worse - by mid summer look for it to be really bad. (Correct)
- America is more on the verge of collapse than recovery (Correct)
- Look for China to be the new superpower
- Government offices will look better and be more modern than private businesses (Correct)
- When you die- all questions will be answered. Including questions about the universe. You will have no desire to come back.
- Scientists are on the verge of unlocking questions regarding the universe.


November - December 2009
Obama will go down in history associated with socialism and poverty (Correct)
-Obama will be known for the destruction of Capitalism (Correct)
-Obama will be known for 180 degrees of the Founding Fathers (Correct)
-The media will spin Obama's legacy as one of greatness (Correct)
-There will soon be families living in tents in places in America (Correct)
-Terrorists are planning here in America while Obama is president for another attack
-One day Christmas trees will be banned in places in America for environmental reasons

September - October 2009
-America will continue to suffer for Obama (Correct)
-The lies by liberals to protect the first black president will weaken America (Correct)
-Excuses not the truth will be made for Obama's presidency (Correct)
-America will not recover for a long time from the Obama presidency
-Obama's economic stimulus program as predicted has failed (Correct)
-America will one day recover- but would have recovered faster and stronger if the right policies were implemented. (Correct)
-Just because man or life can create something - life or even destroy life- it does not mean there is not a God.
-It will one day be found that life will be able to create things we see in the far universe.

July 2009
-Obama will run for re-election as a moderate. (Correct)
-After Obama has implemented his policies he will portray himself as a moderate Democrat. (Correct)
-The economy will continue to decline- Obama's policies have made the economy worse not better. (Correct)
-As Obama's policies fail- his supports will blame his advisors
-Obama's popularity is going to decline (Correct)
-Obama's policies will lead to the decline of America (Correct)
-Obama's economic policies will turn middle America into a ghetto (Correct)
-Obama will also cause a decline in the US military

June 2009
-The Obama administration will cover up and downplay threats against the US. (Correct)
-The Gulf of Tonken revisited. The media will be complicit because they will not investigate the growing threats against the U.S. and the Obama Administration covering up of those threats. (Correct)
-There will be an attack on the US in New York involving a bridge.

-There will be a church one day that will be nationwide with millions of members that will rarely utter the word God.
-Trees will be grown that will make them indestructible and products from them indestructible as well.

May 2009
-If you want to know the true amateur nature of the Obama Administration -look at the quality of the White House Website and the different cabinet Websites. (Correct)
-Obama is following Clinton lead of using his administration to attack US companies. This brought down the Clinton economy- but Clinton did it to a good economy - while Obama is doing it to a an already weak economy. (Correct)
-Obama already working on campaign slogan for his reelection

-Why does Obama keep his Blackberry? It is for his out of the office activities.
-Sam Brownback will become governor of Kansas
-Arlen Specter will not live much longer
-Donald Trump is going to have severe financial issues

April 2009
- Just as Bill Clinton used the Justice Department to attack its own people (corporations and the rich) so is Obama. As a result there will be another terrorist attack in the US under Obama.
- There will be a major backlash against Democrats for their policies. However - Obama will not be as impacted. Just as conservatives were loyal to Bush - Democrats are loyal - but they are ignorant.
- Liberal newspapers will continue to fail and bailouts will not save them
- When then economy starts to turn around and jobs are created - there will not be high paying jobs.
- The automobile bailout will fail...
- Gordon Brown will not go down as a great prime minister and Tony Blair will.

March 2009
-Power will corrupt Barack Obama. (Correct)
-Obama will be devious, plotting and cruel behind the scenes. (Correct)
-Look for Democrats to prosecute Republicans in Congress to misdirect criticism of their poor performance.
-Also look for Democrats to go after President Bush to redirect anger at their party.
-America is headed for an extended dark period... However when it rebounds it will rebound sharply.
-Look for the Obama Administration to target talk radio stealthly and Rush Limbaugh.
-Rush Limbaugh should look carefully after his well being.
(Correct) Hospitalized in December 2009

February 2009
- The rule of law is going to fade and also foreign countries will not be afraid of America (Correct)
- Sex crimes and perversion in America will increase - especially with an increase in illegal immigration (Correct)
- Christianity will move more into oblivion in America (Correct)
- The press will blame the failures and mistakes of Obama on the advice of his advisors
- Obama will become more power hungry in time (Correct)
- Obama will govern more like Hugo Chavez the Dictator of Venezuela than Ronald Reagan
- What Democrats said about George Bush is what the Obama administration will be- secretive, power grabbing, wasteful... (Correct)
-The Democrat stimulus plan will only prolong the recession (Correct)
-The Democrat stimulus plan is more geared toward Democrats keeping power than helping the economy (Correct)
-The tremendous waste and spending on non stimulus items will only prolong the bailout. (Correct)
-The world will not fear Obama and it will lead to a more dangerous world (Correct)
-Obama will only become more liberal with attacks against him.
-Obama will be more partisan than George W. Bush (Correct)
- Leon Panetta's tenure in the CIA will be marred with controversy
-Only some media outlets will report the truth about Obama for his poor policies and failures
-The New York Times and many other news outlets will spin the truth about the Obama administration
-History in public schools will be more world history in public schools and ignore the history of freedom
-History in public schools will spend more time on Obama than Lincoln or Washington
-Caroline Kennedy does not know hard work... and would never had made it as a Senator

January 2009
-Obama will be more talk than action (Correct)
-President Bush was more action than talk (Correct)
-Stress will take its toll on Obama pushing him to his very limits
-Obama will be
proof that you must have experience to become President of the United States (Correct)
-The liberal media's biased treatment of Obama will cause the economies poor performance to linger.
-The rush to bailout the economy will only prolong the issue - because of many mistakes that will be made
-Using the government to stimulate the economy will slow down the recovery
-Obama's staff not up to the competency of President Bush's staff
-Obama will show how competent Bush was and how he handled being president with ease..
-The liberal media said Bush lied and misled when it came to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq-
however- when Obama makes mistakes in reference to the economy- the liberal media will say Obama relied on the advice of his advisors and blame them.

December 2008
-Obama is in over his head(Correct)
-Just as the press gave Obama a pass- so will federal prosecutors (Correct)
-Lisa Jackson (EPA) will be involved in scandal (Correct)
-Obama will not be loyal to those that betray him

-Obama being elected will further place Bill Clinton into obscurity as a president- Monica Lewinsky and impeachment will be his legacy (Correct)
-Socialism and communism making a comeback under a disguise as something else.
-American cities are turning into 3rd world cities (Correct)
-Conservative led cities will not fall so deeply into this trap


November 2008
-Terrorists and al Qaeda will become emboldened in Iraq - violence will increase- because Obama will show weakness (Correct)
-Obama will make a mess of Afghanistan.... (Correct)
-The economy will not gain under Obama's policies (Correct)
-The media will do its best to cover for Obama and his legacy will be more because he is black (Correct)
-Obama will get frustrated with Biden's undisciplined statements (Correct)
-Do not look for Biden on re-election ticket
-Obama will not be a centrist
-Obama publicly will try to govern as a centrist - but behind the scenes will be governing to a liberal extreme
-The pressure will be so great on Obama that- he will fall to vices (Correct)
-Normally - whatever Democrats say about Republicans is what they do... Republicans called Bush, Hitler, secretive, divided, did not work hard- look for these things to mark the Obama Presidency. (Correct)


October 2008
-Barack Obama does not have a clue about being president (Correct)
-Barack Obama is not prepared to be president (Correct)
-Barack Obama cares more about himself than what he can do as president- what are his accomplishments as a Senator? (Correct)
-Joe Biden not only had hair plugs but sugery around his eyes
-Rachel Maddow- sounds just like Keith Olbermann and will not be successful

-The secret to stopping the aging process- air...oxygen...
-The next big fashion thing micro-bikinis

September 2008
-Joe Biden and Barack Obama will not get along
-Biden and Obama will resent each other
-Obama is looking for a way to replace Joe Biden as VP (Correct)
-Obama is looking for dirt on Sarah Palin in order for her to resign
-There will be scandal surrounding the nomination of Sarah Palin (Correct)
-The Obama campaign will become desperate and more mean spirited as the the election gets closer (Correct)
-The liberal main stream media news has not properly investigated Obama and has held scandalous stories back about him. (Correct)
-Energy source will be created in the next 20 years that will make our current technology look like the first light bulb.
-America will one day lead the world in alternative fuel and energy use.
-The riches of the Middle East will one day come to an end.


August 2008
-Barack Obama is a phony - he is not a centrist
-Barack Obama is arrogant (Correct)
-Barack Obama cares more about his party and his postion than America (Correct)
-I predicted that John Edwards had an affair- true- and so has Barack Obama....
-Look at the narrow shoulders of Barack Obama- shows he never did any physical labor in his life. He is all talk! (Correct)
-There are serious financial issues related to the marital affair of John Edwards (Correct)
-John Edwards has had more than one affair (Correct)
-The interview on Nightline by John Edwards was all lies (Correct)
-John Edwards is the father of the child in question at the center of his affair (Correct)
-John Edwards is so used to lying - because he is a Democrat that telling partial truths to him is telling the truth. (Correct)
-One day oil will be as out of date as an energy source as is matches.

June / July 2008
-Barack Obama scandals are coming (Correct)
-Lack of leadership in the Republican Party is the reason for their decline and it will not improve until a leader is found (Correct)
-Affirmative Action will be become more complicated in the future as Hispanics, Asians and Muslims are thrown into the mix
-Christian Music will soon make the main stream (a few bands will hit the Top 40)
-Look for a rise in bankrupticies in the entertainment industry
-Tom Hanks will win another Academy Award
-Michael Phillips will take over for Roger Ebert

May 2008
-Barack Obama has many skeletons left in his closet. (Correct)
-Barack Obama has had an extra-marital affair (Correct)
-Bill Clinton has no real desire to be the First Lady (Correct)
-The electoral process for the Democrat presidential nominee will change.

April 2008
-The decline of America has begun (Correct)
-The abuses by priests in the Catholic church are a cash cow for many that were not really victims
-The discoveries of the universe are at hand
-Communication with other worlds is not far off
-A major asteroid will again hit earth one day

March 2008
-Hillary and Bill Clinton have both have had affairs
-100 years from now - America will not be like it is today and Christianity will be washed away from society
-100 years from now America will look more like the Europe of today (Correct)
-Prostitution will become shiek over the Eliot Spitzer incident
-More celebrity arrests than ever (Correct)
--The NFL will pass a rule that will ban hair covering your name on your jersey
-The most talented American Idol yet (Correct)

February 2008
-Hillary Clinton will not be the next president- unless she steals the election (Correct)
-The housing market will turn around within 5 years (Correct)

January 2008
Hillary Clintons tears are for herself and for no one else (Correct)
Hillary Clinton the most over publicized and over rated politician ever (Correct)
Michael Bloomberg will run for president
Sarkozy will marry Carla Bruni (Correct)
Newspapers are a dying breed (Correct)
There are planets out there that are in contact with one another
All life was created by God
America will continue to decline as liberal values are
increased (Correct)

December 2007
President Bush will pardon Ramos and Compean (Correct)
Mike Huckabee will have gained the most from the 2008 presidential Race
Fred Thompson will have lost the most from the 2008 presidential Race (Correct)
Paris Hilton in an odd way will become America's Princess Diana
Another professional wrestler will kill his wife
Drew Peterson will not get away with murder

November 2007
-A major recession is coming (Correct)
-Hillary Clinton - the most overrated political figure in history (Correct)
-Hillary Clinton cares more about her own legacy than truly helping others (Correct)
-George W Bush cares more about helping others than his own legacy
-Blood types one day will not matter
-OJ lawyers this time are no Johnny Cochrane

October 2007
-Al Gore is considering a run for president (Correct)
-I don't see a President Giuliani- do you? (Correct)
-Major industries of the future- energy, transportation, security, health care, entertainment
-Microsoft has jumped the shark (Correct)
-Ultimate Fighting is the next boxing (Correct)
-Joe Jonas will be a major star
-One of the other Jonas Brothers will be big behind the scences in the music business
-The episode of Jonas Brothers meets Hannah Montana will be a classic
-The Jonas Brothers are no Hanson
- (one hit wonders that disappear) (Correct)

September 2007
-Ahmadinejad desires to be a nuclear Hitler
-The Attorney General appointed by President Bush will not be an Alberto Gonzales.
-Michael Bloomberg will one day run for president
-OJ Simpson met his match in Las Vegas

July / August 2007
-Osama Bin Laden will soon meet his end
-Many more Bill Clinton scandals will be revealed after his death
-Gordon Brown will not be looked at favorably in history (Correct)
-Energy sources from underground (not oil) will be developed in the future
-One day the aging process will be stopped
-Angolina Jolie humanitarian efforts will last a lifetime
-More referees will be caught in scandals in professional sports
-Super stadiums will one day be built that hold 150,000 people for sports events
-Starbucks will eventually suffer financial issues

May / June 2007
-Hillary Clinton will not be the next president- unless there is fraud on the part of Democrats (Correct)
-There are many more affairs that will be revealed regarding President Clinton. (Correct)

April 2007
-Now that Rosie has announced that she is leaving 'The View'- her rants will only increase in intensity.
-This period of time in America will be remembered for abortions and radical Islam (Correct)
-There are many still at large that had some involvement in the 9/11 bombings

-More infidelity scandals will plague Bil Clinton (Correct)
-Hillary will have scandals during her presidential run- which many will be largely ignored by the main stream media
-Sarkozy will win the French election (Correct)


March 2007
-If a Democrat is elected president - look for a major economic downturn- rivaling the President Carter's term. (Correct)
-Bill Clinton's seems to destroy the lives of those close to him - for the sake of his own gain. He will do this to Hillary as well. (Correct)
-Democrats have declared war on the Bush Administration and they are so involved in partisan politics that- because of their hatred for his administration that they do not see that their actions will only hurt them. (Correct)
-Bill Clinton's seems to destroy the lives of those close to him - for the sake of his own gain. He will do this to Hillary as well.
-One day a Democrat presidential candidate will become a Republican.
-One day it will be learned that John Edwards had an extra marital affair (Correct)
A Democrat presidential candidate of today will one day turn away from environmentalism - because he is no longer a candidate.
-One day- a long time from now- a jury consisting of mainly Muslims will find a terrorist in America not guilty.
-Miss America's troubles are not over.
-One day it will be learned that we have communicated with extraterrestrial life
-Look for sour grapes from an ex-Fox News employee.


February 2007
-Barrack Obama is trying to portray himself as a black Lincoln. However- he is not. (Correct)
-Numerous scandals will plague Hillary Clinton during her campaign including one linking her to her husband

-A personal scandal will plague Charlie Crist (governor of Florida) (Correct)
-Justin Timberlake is the blonde new Elvis (Correct- he did get into acting)
-Michael Jackson will have serious legal problems in the near future
-We are a basic life form as compared to other life in the universe

December 2006
-One day there will be a president of the United States with ancestory from India
-Democrats will not be able to control themselves in their investigations of the Bush administration when they take control of Congress (Correct)
-Iran's nuclear facility will be bombed by US allies
-Ahmadinejad is rightly compared to the next Hitler
-There will one day be a search and great controversy over artifacts claimed to be that of Jesus
-Fish know as much about life on Earth as humans do about the universe
-Life is abundant in the universe- but intelligent life is not.
-Look for professional sports to employ cheaper salaried foreign players to control salaries

November 2006
Democrats will try to appear strong on defense while trying to subtly pass their liberal domestic agenda.
There will be Democrat scandals- however- Democrats will pursue investigations against Republicans to take the focus off of them and their agenda.

-Very low turnout in the 2006 mid-term election
-Michael J. Fox was exagerating his condition in his commercials promoting stem cell research
-Anna Nicole Smith attorney Howard K Stern knows information about her son's death
-John Cena's career will end abrubtly
-One of Russell Crow's sons will become an actor
-The lack of development of quarterbacks at Florida State is directly due to Jeff Bowden.
- Xavier Lee - should have been the starting quartback - not Weatherford- this only shows the poor decision making by Jeff Bowden.

September/ October 2006
-Heather Nauert will be a big name in news
-Tiger Woods success in golf is tied to his happiness in marriage- when his marriage encounters troubles- his game will suffer (Correct)
-Al Michael's and John Madden are not happy as a team
-Barbra Streisand is on tour for financial reasons

-One of the children of Seal and Heidi Klum will become famous
-Floyd Landis is no Lance Armstrong
-It was a mistake for the Marlins to fire Joe Girardi (Correct)

August 2006
-President Bush has lost interest in being president. (Correct)
-Hezbollah leader Nasrallah will not live long.
-Coup attempts in third world countries - will become the ultimate crime of the future.
-Jobs have slowed mainly due to rising interest rates and the increase in prices in real estate- but the economy will still grow and jobs will continue to be created at a slower pace.
-Rod Smith will not become the governor of Florida (Correct)
-Liberalism is losing the battle of public opinion and will rely heavily on winning its battles in court in the future.
-Adriana Lima will go into acting- Bond girl .......
-Albert Pujols will be a Hall of Fame player- but injuries will sideline him later in his career.
-Tony Kornheiser - will not make it on MNF (Correct)

June / July 2006
-Condoleezza Rice will become President one day (almost correct - it was Barack Obama)
-Colin Powell will not become President (Correct)
-Newt Gingrich will not become president (Correct)
-There will be a great field for the Republican presidential nominee in 2008- one of the most talented in history (Correct)
-Dems (Senator) and those who want to undermine President Bush are the reason for the leaks regarding the war on terror
-A man in China will develop a new type of bomb to dwarf what is know today
-America is on the verge of a space craft to go through space at ten times what is currently possible
-Bin Laden is no longer hiding in the mountain in Afghanistan or any mountains- he is hiding within civilization (Correct)
-Christianity will continue to be challenged by liberals like never before (Correct)
-Cindy Sheehan finances should be investigated
-The Dixie Chicks are now old news (Correct)
-Gnarles Barkley will not last (Correct)
-System of a Down- over rated will not stand test of time (Correct)
-Kelly Hogan will go into professional wrestling (Correct)
-Nick Hogan will go into acting
-A morning children show personality (example- Endurance) will become a major star
-Paul LoDuca will become a manager

May 2006
-The Da Vinci Code is not fact (fiction) (Correct)
-The continual attacks on Christianity in the mainstream media will be addressed by God
-The mystery to the second gunmen in the Kennedy assassination is the film that shows Kennedy from behind as he is shot. The results of that shot will reflect the second gunmen.
-The time is near where blacks have become more racist than whites and this will not change (Correct)
-The secret to Tom Cruise's personal life is the fact that he only gets involved with women in Hollywood. It allows him time for a separate life.
-Tony Kukoc will become an outstanding coach or in basketball operations (Correct)
-There is a planet with life that is 10 times the size of earth

April 2006
-Iran had help from another country with their nuke production (Correct)
-Today Show ratings will fall when Couric leaves
-There will be great disharmony between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes over their child (Correct)
-Kelie Pickler from American Idol will become a country music star (Correct)
-Ace Young American Idol will have a career in show business (Correct)
-Banner American Idol class for 2006- more finalists will have careers in the media
-The Atlanta Braves run is over (Correct)
-Baseball pitchers will use new substances to cheat (Correct)
-Reggie Bush will be a great player or a bust- chances more likely will end up like Bo Jackson

March 2006
-President Bush's efforts to fight the war on terror are great and one day it will be learned how extensive. (Correct)
-The only way that Hillary Clinton can become president will be via fraud. (Correct)
-The Bush family will become the new Kennedy's as their siblings enter politics as candidates and behind the scenes; however, none will surpass that of George W. Bush.
-JEB Bush will never be president- but will find himself in the midst as a vice president candidate. (Correct)
-People will continue to be an illegal commodity until foreign countries become more advanced and inexpensive robots are available to the public.
-One day almost all crime will be solved by video. (Correct)
-Food will one day be made to be absorbed completely by the body.
-Studying the behavior on Survivor will one day become a college course. (Correct)

February 2006
-Iran will have a hand in the next major world war (Correct)
-The evacuation of the settlements by in Israel- will not stop the conflict between the Jews and Palestinians (Correct)
-Hillary Clinton's political ambition is more egocentric than purpose for a cause (Correct)
-Barak Obama will be a leader of the Democratic Party for a long time - while in Congress and when he leaves (Correct)
-There will be a major terrorist attack outside the US before there is one inside the US
-The next Democrat president will be a disaster for the nations security (Correct)
-The conservative movement will continue to grow outside the U.S. due to alternative media
-Cindy Sheehan is not that smart- she will not be the next John Kerry (Correct)
- Cindy Sheehan's ideology guides her more than her personal tragedy (Correct)

January 2006
- Look for massive fraud in the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections
- John Roberts will be a conservative on the Supreme Court- but a bit moderate (Correct)
- Samuel Alito will be a true conservative on the Supreme Court in the mold of Scalia (Correct)
- There was a second gunman involved in the Kennedy assassination
- James Earl Ray did not act alone in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - this was a true conspiracy
- One day there will be a push to have a winter holiday that encompasses all religions and Christmas to be removed as a holiday.
- Governor Mark Warner will not become president (Correct)
- Many sex abuse claims against the Catholic Church were false
- John Stewart is as much as a Republican as Bill O'Reilly is a Liberal (Correct)
- Sienna Miller will become a major star (Correct)
- Robert Novak will not be at Fox News long (Correct)

December 2005
-Manning vs Manning in the Super Bowl one day.
-Rachel Ray the new Martha Stewart. (Correct)
-Topher Grace will have a very good film career.
-It will be George Clooney's year at the Oscars 2006. (Correct)
-The decline of Larry King has started. (Correct)
-Alec Baldwin is going to have serious financial problems.
-Alexander the Great was murdered.
-The story of an alien spaceship crashing in Roswell is true.
-The Innocence Project is freeing guilty individuals. (Correct)
-Saddam Hussein will be found guilty and receive the death penalty. (Correct)
-John Kerry will never be president. (Correct)
-There will be a major scandal over Bill Clinton fund raising for Hillary. (Correct)
-It will one day be learned that Bill and Hillary Clinton- both had long time companions during their marriage.

November 2005
- One day- the view by Muslims of suicide bombings will be completely opposite than it is today. There is no paradise for suicide bombers.
- Europe will turn more conservative in the years to come as they have access to more media.
- There will be a turn toward conservatism - but then the pendulum will swing back toward liberalism.
- Natalie Holloway was murdered and the key to solving the murder is the Kalpoe brothers.
- Emma Watson will be a bigger star than Daniel Radcliff

October 2005
-Harriet Miers will not be appointed to the Supreme Court (Correct)
- Scooter Libby will be the key figure in Plamegate
-One day scientists will employ a way to weaken hurricanes.
-Will Smiths children will be in show business. (Correct)
-Survivor / Apprentice the celebrity addition? (Correct)
-ER- has just jumped the shark! (Correct)

September 2005
-The reason New Orleans mayor Ray Nagrin stopped attacking President Bush after their meeting and started attacking Governor Blanco is because President Bush advised Nagrin of his offers to Gov. Blanco prior to and as Hurricane Katrina hit.
-Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, La., breaks down while telling NBC's Tim Russert the story of the death of the mother of one of the parish’s employees was fraud and and done to take away from his own failures. (Correct)
-The investigation into what happened in New Orleans regarding Hurricane Katrina will reveal massive state and local misuse of funds. (Correct)
-People will take advantage of relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina by claiming they live in New Orleans (Correct)
-James Carville is going to suffer health problems in the near future. (Correct)
-Tom Brady will have a career in the media after football.
-The year of the Jets is coming- (but not this year) (Correct)
-Eli Manning will one day lead the Giants to the Super Bowl. (Correct)

July 2005

-It will one day be determined that the current Southeastern part of the United States was shaped as the result of hurricanes.
-One day there will be a method to dissolve or disrupt hurricanes before they cause destruction.
-Darwins theory of evolution is incorrect and I know nothing about this subject. Evolution is the result of a combination of factors. It is like the explosion of home runs in baseball. It is not just one factor, but the result of a lack of quality pitching due to expansion, better trained athletes, a different type of baseball and steroids. It is all of these and not just one. It is the same for evolution- it was due to numerous factors. Animals that were not smart enough to adapt to a changing world died, some animals were designed to survive and some animals such as humans developed over time due to numerous factors.
-Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa all used steroids. (Correct)

June 2005
- Accusations against Michael Jackson will one day arise by a child outside of California.
-More woman will immigrate to the US in the years to come.
-Deep Throat was a composite of many people- he was not just Mr. Felt. (Correct)
The revelation that Mr. Felt was Deep Throat will cause a new perspective of the Nixon presidency.
-Romney VP candidate?
-Marriage one day will not be for a lifetime. There will be contracts with stipulated time periods and conditions that can be renewed.
-Madonna will live a long life.

MAY 2005
-George Pataki- Republican Presidential Nominee?
-Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's reign of terror will end soon. (Correct)
-Pope John Paul II will become a Saint. (Correct)
-Michael Jackson without his wig and false nose resembles drawings of extra-terrestrial aliens.
-Michael Jackson's claim that he was making arrangements that his parents were going to take custody of his children was only a a diversionary ploy. Jackson was contemplating fleeing.
-Michael Jackson will be found guilty. (not incorrect- Michael Jackson's troubles with the law is not over)
-Nick Sabin's tenure at Miami will be short. (Correct)

April 2005
-One day it will be revealed that the reason Bill Clinton never released his medical records when he was president was due to the fact that he had been treated for sexually transmitted diseases.
-Martha Stewart will violate the terms of her parole- but will not be disciplined with more prison. (Correct)
-The legal problems of Michael Schiavo are not over.
John Paul II The Great (Correct)
-Saint Bono?

March 2005

-Rudy Guliani will not become President (Correct)
-Michael Jackson will go down in history as a pedophile.
-An American Idol reject will become a big star as the leader of a band (Correct - Daughtry)
-Pat Garrity will become an executive with the NBA after he retires (Correct)
-An actor from Playboy TV will become a main stream actor

February 2005
-Condoleeza Rice will one day become President
-Seattle will one day be the site of a major disaster
-Scott Weiland will die tragically (Correct)
-Jaime Lynn Spears will become a star (Correct)
-Cindy Crawford is going to make a comeback
-Brad Pitt in his later years will be compared physically to Marlon Brando
-Twenty years from now - Michael Jackson will be remembered as one of the worst pedophiles in American history
-The children of the members of the band U2 will form a band
-John Lynch will enter broadcasting possibly with Fox Sports (Correct)
-Bob Sura coach will become a great college basketball coach

January 2005
-President Bush's Presidency will end in tragedy at the end of his second term.

December 2004
- Invest in Blue Chip Stocks and the NASDAQ now (Correct)
- The time to short quality oil stocks is now with the intention of holding the position for two years
- Some professional wrestlers after leaving wrestling entertainment industry will enter the porn industry.
- There is much more oil in Alaska then liberals or conservatives have estimated.
- There is a coming housing bubble - due to increasing property valuations and property taxes (Correct)
- Fox News will finally enter in Canada and within 10 years there will be a huge conservative movement there.
- Jeb Bush will one day be on a ticket for Vice President.
- Names to Watch in Network News in the future - Shepard Smith and Siegenthaler
- The truth is that the resignations from the Bush Administration Cabinet after his first term were result of the long hours and hard work. (Correct)

November 2004
-George W. Bush wins reelection (Correct)
-There will be attempts by Democrats to steal the election via voter fraud (Correct)
-Democrats will accuse Republicans of voter intimidation (Correct)
-Pete Coors in Colorado wins (Not incorrect- a Coors will represent Colorado in the Senate in the future)
-Mel Martinez in Florida wins (Correct)
-Tom Daschle in South Dakota loses (Correct)
-Jim Demint in South Carolina wins (Correct)
-Republicans will gain seats in the US Senate and hold a almost super majority (Correct)
-Republicans will retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives (Correct)
- When history looks at John Kerry - he will be more associated with Benedict Arnold than a war hero or great Senator

September 2004
-President Bush wins the third debate! President Bush will be comfortable and at his best. Kerry under stress will flip-flop at least twenty times during the debate. (Correct)
-Some high profile cabinet members will step down at the start of President Bush's second term. As a result- Bush will become the star of his administration. (Correct)
-There is more to the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Terry McAuliffe than meets the eye- have you noticed when they talk- they sound exactly the same?
-American Taliban John Walker Lindh will one day be pardoned for his crimes.
-One day there will be a revolutionary change in sports surfaces. The underneath of fields and courts will be a cork type sponge product that will absorb impact.

September 2004
-John Kerry went after McCain for his Vice President solely because he knew the Swift Boat Veterans were going to go after his war record and post war activities.
-Privately- John Edwards will regret accepting the nomination for John Kerry's VP candidate.
-After the loss in the 2004 Presidential Election- Democrats will blame the loss on dirty tricks of the Swift Boat Veterans. One half of the Democratic party will believe this and half of the party will believe the truth, which will further divide and cause chaos within the party.
-The year 2005- will see a new leader of the DNC as Terry McAuliff will step down.

August 2004
- John Kerry filed a complaint with the FEC over the Swift Boat ads- stating there is an illegal connection between the ads and the Bush Administration. It will be learned that the Kerry campaign actually does have a an illegal connection to This is part of the reason the complaint was filed.
- By the time of the presidential election there will be great tension between John Kerry and John Edwards over tactics and strategy. (Correct)
- After the election- there will be a great controversy over Kerry's funding of his presidential campaign.
-The Republican convention presentation will make the Democratic Convention look like a college production. (Correct)
-The arrest of Mark Hacking for the murder of his wife will influence the Peterson jury and help to convict Scott Peterson of murder. (Correct)

July 2004
-Terrorist will attempt to destroy a major U.S. bridge- possibly the Golden Gate Bridge.
-Scott Peterson will be found guilty of murder. (Correct)
-Tiger Woods' slump can be traced to the engagement to his fiancee. (Correct)
-Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - there will be infidelity in their marriage.
- Dax from the first season of the show Punked will become a star. (Correct)
-Johnny Fairplay from Survivor will eventually become a manager in the WWE.
-Wimbledon winner Maria Sharapova's career will be cut short because of tragedy. (Correct)

June 2004
- President Bush will gain momentum with the growing economy and positive news on the war on terror in time for the election. (Correct)
- After reelection, President Bush will return to his conservative roots and become more Reagan like. He will cut spending as he will not need to run for re-election. This will have an even greater positive impact on the growth of the economy. (Correct)
- President Bush will go down in history as a great leader with the liberation of 50 million people from tyranny in Iraq and Afghanistan and the spread of Democracy in the Middle East.
- The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and reconstruction will go down in history as two great military achievements.
- The liberal radio network Air America will soon be known as "Dead" Air America (Correct)
-Nick Lashay and Jessica Simpson will eventually divorce. Nick will become a TV and record producer and will eventually marry a much younger version of Jessica Simpson.

May 2004
-One day it will be learned that Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose and wig. (Correct)

April 2004
-General John Abizad is not up to the task in Iraq. (Correct)
-The strong economic rebound by the Bush tax cuts will permanently end the liberal myth that tax cuts hurt the economy. (Correct)
-The Liberal Radio Network will fail and liberals will blame it on going up against a more established conservative radio media. Of course this will be a lie- the truth is Fox News overcame an established CNN! (Correct)
-One day it will be learned that Michael Jackson has had inappropriate relationships with children even during the time of his trial.
-Rebecca Romjin will drop the name Stamos and become one of the top actresses in America. She will one day do a movie so explicit that it will be compared to The Last Tango in Paris.
-There is the curse of the Bambino and now there is the curse of the Shaq. The Orlando Magic will continue to do poorly and the team will eventually leave Orlando.

March 2004
-The location where Saddam Hussein was captured will eventually become a major tourist attraction and a museum will be built there detailing the horrors of his regime.
-The Democratic ticket in 2008 will be Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. (Not incorrect) - I saw Edwards as a Vice Presidential nominee - I thought it was with Hillary.
- Scott Peterson will be convicted of murder and receive the death penalty. (Correct)
-Nicole Kidman will eventually suffer from severe mental illness.
-Angelina Jolie will eventually leave acting and become involved in politics. She will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
-Randy Orton will become the next big WWE superstar, but it will become a tragic story.

February 2004
After a failed Presidential bid, the Kerry's will divorce citing the stress of campaigning.
-Michael Jackson's financial troubles will become so great that he will eventually file for Bankruptcy.
-As Michael Jackson falls deeper into financial trouble, he will no longer be able to support his staff and more people will come forward with stories of inappropriate behavior. (Correct)
-Howard Dean will separate from the Democratic Party and eventually attempt to form his own political party.

-The poor performance by Joe Lieberman in the Democratic Presidential Primary will encourage Al Gore to run for President in 2008, as it will lead him to believe that Lieberman had a lot to do with his losing the 2000 election.
-Al Gore will never become President of the United States. (Correct)
-Despite his denials, John Kerry is using botox on his face in an attempt to improve his appearance.(Correct)

January 2004
-Condoleeza Rice will be on the Republican Party ticket in 2012.
-Rudy Guliani will return to politics for 2008. (Correct)
-There will be a major split within the Democratic Party, which will continue to weaken that party. (Correct)

December 2003
-President Bush will be reelected by a landslide in the 2004 Presidential Election. (Correct)
-Howard Dean will go down in history with the likes of McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis. (Correct)
-By the end of 2004, Terry McAuliffe will step down as Chairman of the DNC. (Correct)
-The Republican Party will hold an almost super majority in the Senate after the 2004 elections. (Correct)
-The United States will enjoy an economic boom over the next 5 years. (Correct)
-By the end of President Bush's second term the Dow will surpass 15,000.

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