Breakdown of Republican Candidates for 2016
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A Breakdown of Republican Candidates for 2016

Top candidates...

Ted Cruz - Best conservative candidate that would do the best job as president

Mitt Romney - Would make a great president and turn the country around - lacks some conservative positions

Rick Perry - Would make a great president - drawback is his portrayal by the mainstream media

Scott Walker - Great conservative candidate - wild card is how he handles the national stage

No chance candidates...

Ben Carson - Very bright, great conservative - no political expereince

Marco Rubio - Very bright, but weak

Chris Christie - Overweight and not conservative enough

Rand Paul - Some views outside the mainstream

George Pataki - His time has passed - too old

Jeb Bush - Bland milk toast candidate and out of shape

Carly Fiorina - not well known enough against the competition

Mike Huckabee - His time has passed

Written by Thomas George

January 2014