57 States and a Pig in Lipstick
The end of America as we know it
if Obama is elected president
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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"

Barack Obama - referred to his Muslim faith in an interview with George Stephanopoulos - referred to traveling to 57 states in the U.S. - please know that The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organization with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 member states, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkan, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America. (The Organization is the collective voice of the Muslim world and ensuring to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world)- referred to Sarah Palin as a pig- has a close relationship with former admitted terrorist William Ayers, had a pastor who spewed anti American rhetoric and had a close association with Tony Rezko a- political fundraiser convicted 16 counts in a corruption trial. None of these relationships have been investigated by the liberal media.

So here we have Barack Obama - who has not wrote any major bills in the state legislature or as a U.S. Senator, has surrounded himself with dubious characters and his biggest accomplishments are becoming a community organizer and an attorney- both with no track record. However- he can give great speeches... with a booming voice...

John McCain graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958. During the Vietnam war his plane was shot down and he was captured by the Vietnamese. McCain fractured both arms and a leg, and then nearly drowned. Although - McCain was badly wounded, his captors refused to treat his injuries, instead beating and interrogating him to get information at Hanoi's Hoa Lo Prison, nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton". McCain was offered early release- because of the status of his father in the U.S. military. McCain turned down the offer. He would only accept it if every man taken in before him was released as well. After his refusal to be released- the Vietnamese began a program of severe torture on McCain. Overall- McCain spent more than 5 years as a prison of war and more than two years in solitary confinement.

So here we have John McCain - a true American hero- who adopted a child from India to save a life- has been a U.S. Senator for more than 20 years and helped to author many pieces of major legislation, has truly reached across the political aisle to liberals at the anger at conservatives and who has never aligned himself completely with the Republican Party- doing what he always thought was best. However- he doesn't give great speeches and doesn't have a booming voice....

So there is the choice- McCain or Obama and if Barack Obama is elected president it will be the end of America as we know it....

Written by Thomas George