Why there are more Liberals than Conservatives
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Why there are more Liberals than Conservatives

Lets face it there are more liberals than conservatives. Mostly liberals are uniformed and not very logical. I mean who supports never ending welfare payments over time limits with job training requirements? Liberal politicians do as well as the people getting those never ending payments. It is misguided, laziness, self interest... Give a man a fish and you will have to feed him every day. Teach a man to fish and you will never have to feed him again. America is at a tipping point - because government benefits under Obama are creating a nation of dependency. There are more liberals in America than conservatives and they can vote themselves benefits!

The reason there will always be more liberals than conservatives...

There are more followers than leaders.

There are more dumb people than smart people.

There are more average people than above average people.

There are more unsuccessful people than successful people.

There are more bad and average athletes than great athletes.

There are more poor people than rich people.

There are more underachievers than overachievers.

There are more losers than winners.

There are more liberals than conservatives...

Written by Thomas George