Failure of Obama's Economic Policy
Conservatives Warned You!

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The Failure of Obama's Economic Policy
Conservatives said Obama's stimulus plan would fail. They said it would fail because it made no economic or rational sense. And they were right! As a result of Obama's trillion dollar stimulus plan - the American economy has remained flat the last two years. Obama's plan has hindered any recovery and his energy policy going forward will continue to impede any US economic growth. If you don't believe me here is a simple analogy.

If you owned a pizza restaurant and sales were slow what would you do? Obama's answer to reviving the economy was to spend a trillion dollars on shovel ready projects such as roads and bridges. This would be the equivalent of spending $100,000 on a new fancy floor for your pizza restaurant that was already struggling. The end result for the pizza restaurant would be a lot more debt and no real solution to increasing business. The restaurant would be at a greater disadvantage going forward because it would have to compete with more expense on a monthly basis - debt.

If that was not troubling enough... what if the restaurant in the future was also facing higher energy costs to make pizzas and stay in business?

The end result from all of the above...

More than likely the restaurant would be headed for bankruptcy!

Written by Thomas George