Why Obama's Vision (Socialism)
Will Result in the Destruction of America
A Simple Analogy of Seating at a Sporting Event

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Why Obama's Vision (Socialism) Will Result in the Destruction of America

Obama wants to take from the rich and give to the poor, create an even playing field, use government to make society fair (this is basically Socialism). This will not work and will lead to the destruction of America. Capitalism with a safety net is the fairest and best economic system for a prosperous society.

I will make this easy to understand with the simple analogy of the seating at a sporting event. At a sporting event - the best seats are the most expensive. This makes sense! However - lets reverse that. What if the pricing at a sporting event was reversed? What if the most expensive seats were the farthest from the playing field and the cheapest seats were next to the playing field? The result would be complete chaos! No one would buy expensive seats far from the field and the only tickets sold would be next to the field (the cheapest). You have given opportunity to the poor to sit field-side at a professional game. However- more than likely - tickets would be resold in the black market (scalped). As a result criminals would make profits and not the owners- - the owners of the team who took the risk of creating the team would make no money and eventually - the sports team would go out of business.

You might say this is a ridiculous example... to reverse the prices of seating. Okay - lets create a fair and even playing field for ticket prices. What if all the seats were the same price? Add together all the high priced tickets and low priced seats and divide by number of seats available in the stadium and charge one price for all. The seats next to the field would be the same price as those farthest from the field. There would be no $1000 dollar field-side ticket's and no $20 upper deck tickets. Instead all ticket prices would be $150 in the entire arena. However- the result again - you will create a black market for scalped tickets and very few are going to pay $150 to sit in the upper deck. Also - you price out the very poor from attending the game who cannot afford a $150 ticket.

You can use the same analogy for player's salaries. What if the best players were paid the least and the worst players paid the most. The best players would not play hard - the quality of the games would decline and the team would go out of business. Or what if all players were paid the same salary? Again the best players would not play hard - the quality of the game would decline.

Capitalism works in sports! At a sporting event... the best seats are priced the most and the worst seats priced the least. There is a safety net. The poor can still go to a game - they just have to purchase the cheaper seats in the upper deck. Capitalism works in society! The rich can buy large homes, expensive cars and big screen televisions. The poor can rent, or buy cheaper homes, buy cheaper cars and smaller televisions. All have the opportunity to get an education amd work hard... it is just up to you!

Obama is trying to create a reverse pricing in society. He wants those who do not work to have as much income and benefits as those who do work hard. He wants to create a large dependant class on a smaller working class. He wants the poor to live a middle class luxury existence without doing anything. His vision will not work. As in the examples given above it will lead to destruction - only it will be the destruction of America!

Written by Thomas George

2013 http://www.the-manumitter.com/